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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  January 29, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EST

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super bowl excitement. the birds have a thrilling day ahead as all eyes turn to minneapolis. a sign of the times. how one restaurant is making sure people know they really do support the eagles. and songs of change. artists use the grammys to show support for the me too movement and give powerful performances. a lot to get to. 4:30. glad you're with us. i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm dray clark. let's get you started with bill henley, our meteorologist with
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the most accurate fist alert forecast. >> you can see not much going on in the city. but at the shore it's a steady, light rain in cape may and in delaware, too. central and southern delaware seeing a few of those rain drops. it's part of a system that's going to staying to the south. so you can count on more rain in delaware and south jersey during the day today while inland areas are going to stay dry and pretty mild, too. the suburbs 38 degrees, 35 in the lee high valley. new jersey is 42, 44 in philadelphia, and 43 in delaware. we will see a pretty good cloudy day today. no sign of any wet weather. you can leave the umbrella at home. wilmington, 42 degrees at 6:00. 41 degrees at 9:00. we'd normally be in the 20s this time of day. but this afternoon we're not going to see a big temperature change with the clouds around. the cooler neighborhoods will be
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warming to the 40s this afternoon. first, katey zachary has your first alert traffic. i want to take a look at your drive times on the pennsylvania turnpike. we often see overnight construction at this time starting to clear, at least those work projects wrapping up. so they aren't affecting your drive time right now. westbound is eastbound it's about a 22 minute drive. taking a look at some our other majors. a quick snapshot of the pennsylvania roads that are most often traveled. 95, 76 and the blue route all in the green, which means no overnight construction is affecting things and no crashes to report at this time. moving into south jersey, bill was talking about some showers in south jersey and delaware right now. i found one our cameras showing a bit of moisture on the road. i'll look for more pictures around the regions to show how precipitation could be affecting
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your travel this morning. super bowl festivities begin in minneapolis tonight with the super bowl opening event. you have to have a ticket. we just checked. they are still available. tickets are. if you know someone who is in minneapolis who wants to go. players will give interviews in a festive atmosphere. super bowl stadium in minneapolis working together. inside the end zones are already painted with the eagles and patriots team logos. also all signs linked to minnesota home team vikings are now gone replaced with the super bowl placard and symbols. they begin a full week of prep rations for the super bowl. >> yeah, the birds arrived yesterday after a 2 1/2 hour flight. you see jeffrey lorry and his wife followed by the coaches and
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players. eagles fans out to atlantic v b aviation to see the team off. >> it was a really cool experience to see everybody and board the plane and head to minneapolis. >> i want to see the players. i want to see them go. i want to see them come back with that trophy. >> i like that. and some of the loudest cheers broke out when the eagles plane left the ground on its way to the twin city. >> fans can get in on the super bowl experience in minneapolis. he joins us live from the mall of america just outside the twin cities. a lot of excitement building up there, know. >> reporter: yeah, and i'll tell you everyone here in minnesota is nice, too. they've kind of let bygones be bygones with our team crushing their team and having to remove all the logos and stuff. we're here because radio row is going to be down here this
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corridor. there are three levels of stores here. most malls have two levels. and it goes a lot longer than any mall you've been into. plus there are a ton of attractions here to talk about. look at some of the attractions they have. they have an aquarium, a flyover simulator, a lego store, mini golf, american girl and a whole bunch of other stuff including go-cart and stuff like that. it's a little bit dark, but this is the amusement park portion of it. it goes probably 150 yards all the way across, and there is another level on the other side. so it goes up to a fourth level. and that's where a lot of the bars and attractions are. so it's kind of like we have the boardwalk at home and we have different places like that. it's all of that in one spot and it's all indoors, so you can stay kind of warm. when we come back in about a
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half-hour we're going to take you through the super bowl experience that started up a couple days ago, and if eagles fans are coming into town, that's one of things you'll definitely want to do. especially if kids want to do the football stuff, you can kick, pass, throw, whatever you want to do. i hit a field goal on tv yesterday. i kicked that thing right through, and i've never been so excited, guys. so when we come back at 5:00 we'll take you there. >> he also threw a touch down pass. thanks a lot, tim. well, eagles fans have it out for the new england patriots. take a look at this twitter photo with the sign covered by a philly market. the caption says boston market, not this week. philly take over. well, nbc 10 will have an entire team of anchors and reporters in minneapolis for the super bowl. present company included, by the
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way. it's exclusive coverage you'll only find here on nbc 10 your official television station of the philadelphia eagles. the only way you can watch super bowl lii is by turning to nbc 10 on sunday. new this morning people living in a philadelphia group home tried desperately to escape a fire before first responders arrive. investigators say it appears someone intentionally set that fire. just blocks away from temple school of medicine. at least one person tried to jump from the second story window. paramedics rushed that man to the hospital along with others. police did make an arrest but have not named the suspect. president trump delivers his first state of the union address tomorrow night. he's expected to focus on security and immigration. as republicans and democrats
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face a deadline set by president trump. nbc 10 correspondent edward loren sets the stage for us in washington, d.c. >> reporter: president trump has given a deadline of february 5th for an immigration plan to come to his desk. any plan would address undocumented immigrants that have come to this country as children known as d.r.e.a.m.ers. >> to solve this problem, we have to have compromise. but this solves the problem long-term and the president wins there. >> reporter: some democrats are willing to make a deal. >> i think the president did the right thing by laying out where he wants to be, where he thinks the starting point is. we've got to decide do we go large, medium or do we go small? >> reporter: the president says he wants funding to the border wall, an ending to chain migration and saying he would sign a bill giving the so-called d.r.e.a.m.ers a path to
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citizenship after 10 to 12 years. >> those here illegally we should not be giving a path to citizenship. >> the idea of a wall, which i thought was a great idea in the 15th century when china built the great wall. >> reporter: a long way to go in a very short time. the federal government runs out of money on february 8th. edward laurence, nbc news, washington. nbc 10's loren make will be in washington, and you can watch her live reports tomorrow and the address at 9:00 p.m. standing tall on stage. the powerful performances at the grammyies as singers use their voices to fight back against sexual harassment. how a play on the field
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could lead a free meal for everyone in america. and coming up at 5:00 this morning, could the government be running your cellphone in the future? the new plan that could change who's in charge of your network. we are not done, yet. we've got one more football game to play this season. we play this game to play on the world's biggest stage. >> we're going to the super bowl.
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good morning. i'm katey zachary with a check of the roads. about a quarter to 5:00 an your monday. and now's a good time to get up and out the door if you have to get to school or work early. we aren't seeing any crashes on any of the majors in new jersey, pennsylvania and speeds are looking pretty good. mid to upper 60s on most stretches. right on 476 we're seeing moderate traffic on both those majors in pennsylvania. things are moving pretty smoothly especially around the 295 interchange. and even about a 4 to 5 minute
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drive as you make your way through route 55 on the walt whitman bridge in new jersey. i'm meteorologist bill henley. 17 minutes before 5:00. and we've got a blanket of clouds overhead that are kind of acting like a blanket helping to keep things warmer this morning. we're in the 40s right now in philadelphia. 44 degrees. we'll see the temperatures dip down a little bit, but with clouds through it day, we're going to be lingering through the 40s this afternoon, middle 40s at 2:00. the suburbs we get cooler to start with. this afternoon cloudy and temperatures in the low to mid-40s. lee high valley, you're more likely to get some breaks of sunshine here. the clouds have already started to break at 35 degrees and will drop to 32 degrees by 9:00. late afternoon hours the clouds arrive in the lee high valley, too. new jersey 40s most of the day. we may dip down into the 30s
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first thing this morning. mostly cloudy and northeasterly winds. those will limit any warmup for new jersey. and for delaware, going to see a cloudy day here, too. 43 degrees right now, into the upper 30s at 8:00 and back into the 40s, but not much above 45 degrees at 2:00 this afternoon. if you're looking for wet weather, we've got it at the shore. some rain this morning will be with us during the day and some winds really pick up. so it's going to feel like it's a heavier rain at times when really it's just a lithe rain. and that's what we've got right now in delaware and south jersey. but inland areas are dry. you can see the clouds that have started to break over berks county and lee high valley. come tomorrow colder air will be in place, and i'll be tracking some of these. some scattered light snow showers are possible during the day tomorrow. take a look at the timing of that and when we'll see a few more flakes with the ten day on ten coming up in the next few
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minutes. car wash chaos. a gunman goesoon the attack in the small pennsylvania town. new details about an ambush that left four people dead. also this morning a fitness flaw. an activity tracker may be giving away the location of truth.
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well, you can stay at home or hit the road to watch the eagles win t eagles in the super bowl. >> either way you'll be doing what half of americans will be doing on sunday. they expect consumers to spend $15 billion this year. also millions of people expected to spend money on a brand new tv to watch the game. best buy says tv sales are linked to the big games this year as they usually are. >> the beauty is you can keep it and continue to make it a part
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of the your living room. and the olympics come on, you can enjoy that too. >> you can buy a new 50 inch tv for a few hundred dollars. here's something pretty cool. a record fast touch down in the super bowl could mean a free pizza. pizza hut is offering members of it's loyalty program a medium two topping if the eagles or patriots break the record for a touch down. the record is 14 seconds after the opening kick off. well, if it's going to be broken it should be the eagles. that's all i'm going to say. >> that would be we would be on the receiving team and someone ran it back. and speetpizza hut, they think they're slick. they know that's a long shot of that happening. >> look at this massive pizza. >> the size of a quarter.
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>> excellent way to get a free commercial. hey, i've got few clouds for you today. not that anyone normally pays for them. should be free car washes at shore. just put your car out and mother nature will take care of it. clouds are overhead, it is dry and pretty mild this morning. gray skies and temperatures not going to go anywhere during the day. but it gets colder tonight and that sets the stage for some scattered light sno snow showers tomorrow. cape may may get some snow showers too, but that's a live view where it's pretty quiet this morning. milder where the skies are cloudy. delaware, south jersey and the hoar, 444 in philadelphia international. reel no-no cold air around. it's still january, but certainly doesn't look like these numbers in the 20s.
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you can see the breaks in the clouds, and here's the rain that's going to be lingering at the shore for cape may county. you may see a few sprinkles during the day, and southern delaware may see light rain. it's too warm for anything else. the colder air starts moving in tonight, and there's no big storm here, but look closely and you can see that little bit of snow falling in southern michigan and northwestern iohio. not expecting a lot, but we could see a little bit of light snow, some scattered snow showers during the day tomorrow. not a today. today clouds will linger for philadelphia, delaware, and south jersey. you're more likely to see some breaks of sunshine north and west at noontime. 45 degrees in philadelphia. staying in the 40s this afternoon. the showers finally moving out in the evening hours tonight. you can see the chillier air north and west. that swings into the area. and then tomorrow morning you can see the light scattered snow showers. those are the showers over michigan and the ohio valley.
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at 8:00 in the morning some very light snow enters the picture. some scattered snow showers, really. no big system. 40s degrees in trenton. that's at noon tomorrow. and with milder temperatures as those showers move in, we could see snowflakes mixing with rain drops. so i think accumulation is going to be really limited. this one commuter model shows a bit more than the rest of the region, possibly an inch in some neighborhoods. but i think that's going to be difficult tomorrow. so we will see scattered snow showers tomorrow. but today it'll be dry for most neighborhood. 48 degrees this afternoon. cooler weather lingers on wednesday, down to 19 degrees, but a nice warmup, a one day warmup on thursday. clouds will be building. we could see some rain on thursday and a chance of light snow on friday. and then coming back in over the weekend the clouds make a come back with rain for sunday. good say to stay in and watch some football i suggest. and then lingering showers
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monday morning and be out of here tuesday only to repeat on wednesday. >> you'll have nothing better to do. let's get a check on the roads this morning. katey zachary, so far so good on the roads. no reports of any major accidents. >> i've been surprised, really. we haven't had any serious issue, and i think part of the reason we're seeing great drive times is because a lot of the construction we see out there, those didn't happen overnight. so you're starting off on a better note than normally you would have. we're seeing some of that in our cameras along garden state parkway where it meet up with route 47. and you can see just where the water is glistening off the lights at the toll plaza there. just be aware of that if you're headed on the majors in delaware. and your drive between 295 or
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495 as you head north or southbound it's about a ten minute drive if you head in t z those directions. the grammies, great show. a lot of people talking about it this morning. and the moment that they're talking about started right off the top. take a look at this interpretation with kendrick's lamar's performance. >> i want to remind the audience the only thing more frightening than seeing a black man honest in america is being an honest black man in america. >> he addressed politics and police brutality. lamar also took home five awards including best rap album and best rap song. a stark contrast to the golden
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globes earlier this month where supporters wore black. and many speeches. >> and to those who would dare try to silence us, we offer you two words. times up. times up for discrimination. times up for harassment of any kind. and times up for the abuse of power. because you see it's not just going on in hollywood. >> monet says the abuses of power are not just taking place in politics but in hollywood. and if you're wonderering why she's so emotional keysha has
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been in a battle of her own with her rights to some of her music. prubruno mars home some big awards. we want to know what you think is the biggest grammy moment. if you agree with the wins or if you think someone else should have took home some hardware. a dangerous map. how a fitness tracker could be putting troops in danger. and how fans can let off steam leading up to the super bowl.
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this morning we're learning more about a car wash shooting. family members of the victim killed in that ambush say the suspected gunman was driven by jealousy. >> state police says he killed four people when he opened fire early sunday morning at the car wash about an hour southeast of
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pittsburgh. smith is on life support this morning with a gunshot wound to the head. family members say he was obsessed with one of the shooting victims. the u.s. military is looking at fit bit and other finance devices to make sure the gadgets interactive maps don't give away troop locations. the military says it's concerned about security at u.s. bases abroad. a gps map revealed locations of movement of subskricribers used soldiers. the interactive map is not live, but it shows patterns of activity. happening today, the wwe continues its four-nightstand in philadelphia. tonight is monday night raw. take a look at the number of wrestling fans that turned out at wells fargo center last night. they were there for the 30th anniversary for the wrestling rumble. well, eagles fans are
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looking forward to a smashing good time this week, hopefully on sunday. >> and the smashing part is already under way. take a look. >> i will give the honorary first smash. >> in east windsor mercer county is teaming up with st. jude's research hospital for a charity smash. >> i am so in. i would so do that. quick road trip to that before we go to minneapolis, yeah. well, here's a look at some of the stories we're following right now coming up at 5:00 this morning. what players are saying about their time on the national stage. left for dead. a tow truck driver is hit and killed just trying to do his job. what police is fellow drivers are saying about the driver who tried to get away. and potholes where crews are working today to repair those
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trouble spots that provide with bumpy commute. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm dray clark. nice to be with you this monday morning, and we are definitely seeing green as we're counting down to super bowl 52. meteorologist bill henley with the most accurate first alert neighborhood forecast. >> i can confirm green at the shore. it's rain after all. it's not snow. the temperatures are too warm this morning, and it's going to stay at the shore in southern delaware today. inland, we've got gray skies. it's going to be a moestly clouy day. no real cold air around, but where the clouds are thinner, the lee high valley we're seeing some chillier


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